Image of cow confused by branding.

Too many logos, not enough branding

My last post was on logo design and branding. As if the universe was actually listening to that, I saw DesignTaxi posted on something similar.

DesignTaxi: Stark Differences Between Branding Brand Identity And Logos

Granted, it’s probably just coincidence. For designers and other communications pros, this isn’t an earth shattering revelation. Most designers understand the difference between identity, branding and brands. And I would argue that there are too many people looking for logos, and not enough looking at branding. Brand maintenance is a serious, long-term investment, if not in your time, then in your dollars. So, to help out, I’ve put together this branding worksheet. It’s helpful whether or not you are looking to hire a designer, a copywriter, a web designer or a marketing pro. It’s super helpful it you at least fill out parts of this before you approach any of these people. Review and update it as your business and brand evolves.

Download: BrandingGuide