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Book roundup: Holiday edition!

For December’s book roundup, here’s a selection of books that will get you in the holiday spirit, or will make a great gift for that special someone on your Christmas list. Except that last entry, it’s currently not available, and it’s a DVD! Read to the end to see why I tease!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Cover of Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol, beautifully illustrated and simplified for the youngsters.
A Christmas Carol slipcase edition
A Christmas Carol: special slipcase edition.
A Christmas Carol graphic novel
And the graphic novel edition, for the lover of comics.

This is one of my favorite books. Come on, who doesn’t love this? It’s a quick read (especially for Dickens) and a holiday classic. Since it’s in the public domain, you could get it for free as a ebook, but I’d suggest getting one of these. It’s been packaged and repackaged over the years. Any one of these makes for a lovely presentation.

Rescue Cats by Susannah Maynard

Cover for Rescue Cats

I promoted Susannah’s first book, Rescue Dogs in my blog post on networking tips. Her second book features the same beautiful photography and wonderful stories of rescue cats. Part of the profits from the sale of this book (and her first) go to rescue groups, so get one of these for the pet lover in your family and know that your purchase will help rescue groups find a home for a pet in need. If you’re near Cincinnati, check Susannah out at for a pet portrait session.

Teeny’s Tour of Pie by Teeny Lamoth

Cover of Teeny's Tour of Pie

First, this book is beautiful. The photography of the pies is gorgeous. Second, what goes better with the holidays than pie? Go with the traditional pumpkin pie or start a new holiday tradition with something pie. Third, your baker friends will love the stories behind these pies and the recipes to try them throughout the year. They may even pay you back in pies! It’s a win-win! And if you’re lucky enough to live in Cincinnati, you can find Teeny down at Findlay Market. Check her at

MeSseD by Jay B. Kalagayn, artist Dylan Speeg

Header for MeSsed Comics

MeSseD is a comic book created and published by Cincinnatian, Jay B. Kalagayan. Wanting to create a positive female comic hero for his daughters, he came up with Lilliput. Lilliput works for the MSD (Metropolitan Sewer Department) and bravely faces all sorts of horrors and fiends beneath the city streets. Support an indie comic author and get this book for your favorite comic fan.

Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special DVD

Will Star Wars ever go away? I hope not. I saw the first one in theaters at least 11 times, back in 1977 when you didn’t know if you’d ever see a movie again once it finished it’s run. The Last Jedi comes out in about 10 seconds here, so your geeky friends and family will be lining up to see it. It’s hard to imagine the franchise making such a major misstep as the Star Wars Holiday Special, but nonetheless, there it is. I’m putting up here as a reminder, as we make an assessment of how the year has gone, that even great people make mistakes. Great artists fumble the ball. So, it’s okay to make mistakes while you’re figuring it out; it’s all part of the process.